Canaudi Holdings is a diversified & multi-disciplinary holding company, with a core offering of consulting services & business growth solutions, in multiple industries and continues to empower small businesses’ capabilities and skills to enhance, expand and fulfill corporate objectives.

Since 2014, Canaudi Holdings has grown into providing advisory and management consultancy within the lower middle markets to clients in North America, Asia, Europe & Middle East/Africa regions.

Leveraged Massive Growth Vehicles

Our focus remains on maximum resources utilization and deployment of leveraged growth vehicles that enable small businesses to expand growth …

Business Optimization

  • Research & Competitiveness
  • Internal Process Assessment
  • Sales Optimization
  • Sourcing & Outsourcing
  • Automation, Digitization & Technology
  • Licensing & Strategic Alliances
  • Recurring Revenues
Business Acquisitions & Financial Engineering

  • Rollups & Consolidations
  • Finances and Debts renegotiation
  • Taxation Optimization
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Pre-IPO, IPO & Exits
  • Ethical Investing & Agglomeration
  • Asset tokenization on blockchain to IPO (STO/IDO)
Internet & Information Technology

  • Digital Marketing & Marketing Technology
  • Media Assets Acquisitions
  • Infomercials
  • Franchising
  • Performance Only Marketing
  • Ecommerce Landscape Navigation
  • Virtual Global Expansions
  • Artificial Intelligence
Federal Government Contracting

  • Business Readiness & Positioning
  • Opportunity Pipeline Development
  • Bid & Proposal Development
  • Contract Procurement
  • Competitive Pricing Analysis
  • Compliance & Certifications
  • Contract Accounting & Billing
  • Contracts Management

Our Values

In the fast-evolving and dynamic business universe, complicated practices, and fiercely competitive markets; businesses without a long-term vision, flexible strategy, continuous presence, a holistic understanding, and execution of highly leveraged strategies & communication stand no chance to survive.

Canaudi Holdings consultant’s global expertise in business growth, investments, marketing strategies, management, M&A, and financial engineering transform entrepreneur’s lives everyday by “problem-solving” & “bringing people together”.

We demystify & simplify the complex digital marketing landscape & client acquisitions process to an easy 3 steps process and are committed to openly share our accumulated experiences to enhance, improve and raise the capabilities of traditional entrepreneurship, enhance business communications & help create more jobs.

On monthly basis, part of our earnings is committed to donations to different charities locally & worldwide.


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