Q: Can you simplify what this “Partnership” is about?

A: That’s easy. Upon approval, your business will be the exclusive partner for the selected city, region or state that will be receiving super qualified live phone leads in real time requesting more information about your product or service daily; saving you all the marketing challenges.

With our “performance based marketing” you only pay for calls generated that reach a minimum duration. For example: a dentist partner could pay $85 for every call generated that lasts more than 65 seconds. Generally, durations range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, at times over an hour for specialized services such as legal services. Partner’s sales team handles the follow up, answer questions & converts leads into customers.

Q: What are the criteria of eligibility for the partnership?

A: We would love to help businesses that we are passionate about & that can enjoy immediate results. We prefer to work with partners that know the lifetime value of their clients, have an existing sales team to handle the calls (answer, follow up and close in an appropriate time frame), can handle & afford a minimum number of daily leads, have nationwide presence & most importantly love helping people.

Q: How can partners get started?

A: First, potential partners must apply by filling an application here & make an initial 100% refundable deposit (this helps us tremendously in eliminating the non-serious). Once we receive the application, someone from our office will contact you to set up an appointment to go over the details. Then all we need to move ahead is a tracking phone number to your call center or direct lines, not even a website is required! We will plug your phone number in to our tracking platform and the set-up is pretty simple.

Q: How long does it take to be approved?

A: This can vary due to holidays, weekends, workload, or availability but the average timeframe for application review is 1-3 business days. This can also be affected if more information is required before we can approve the application.

Q: How long does it take to receive leads?

A: This can vary due to market availability, campaigns set up, holidays, weekends, workload, or availability but the average timeframe is 1-5 business days after your approval into the program and your profile setup. This can also be affected if more information is required. To expedite the process, please make sure you provide as much detail on your application as possible when applying.

Q: How are your leads generated?

A: We test & tracks many funnels utilizing most effective & focused strategies with hundreds of ads, on hundreds of channels that range from TV, radio, magazines, web directories, online search, mobile search, SEM, online classifieds, offline classifieds to direct mailing, display marketing, call centers, social media and the list goes on… All leads pass a pre-qualification process prior to transfer to partner.

Q: Do you Guarantee Results?

A: Absolutely. Getting you qualified leads based on your targeted demographic is what we get paid to do. With our performance driven model and our high conversion rates, you get an unparalleled ROI.

Q: Why should I work with your firm and not your competitor?

A: You should work with people you like and feel they have genuine interest in helping your business, not where you are just a number.

We are certified by the best in the industry, have been featured in top media outlets and enjoy a rich portfolio of clients. Additionally, most of what you may refer to as our “competitors”, do NOT offer anything near what we do. We are in the business of “Wowing” and over delivering results; not convincing.

Having access to consultants and automated marketing that eliminates your headaches and allows you to sleep at night care free are rare to find, let alone the risk minimization that comes with it.

Oh, did we mention exclusivity to the lead? Go do your homework, have a few experiences in the market and come back to us.

Q: Can you explain how Billing works?

A: The pricing is per call so there is absolutely ZERO risk to you. To start, you pre-pay for a certain amount of calls when you choose a package that suites your needs and agreed on rates. The package that you buy will determine the number of calls until that package has been completely used. After that, you will buy another package of calls and keep repeating that process until you tell us to stop sending qualified live phone leads. Basically, if you don’t ring, you don’t pay.

Once a call package has been depleted, you will have 1 week to purchase another package or we will have the right to void the exclusivity and work with another partner in the same market!

All unanswered calls during business hours are not billed in a limited threshold. Calls exceeding 30 seconds are counted as successful calls and are billed accordingly.

If the partner decides not to buy another package, any calls delivered during that gap will be billed at the rate from the last package purchased and will be due immediately despite any terms.

Partners prepay when getting started, established partners are eligible for credit terms after a few months.

Q: How can I determine you are sending me the highest quality of leads?

A: Understand that we are partners. We invest allot of resources to generate these super qualified leads that go through a filtration & qualification process before sending them over to you. Remember, you are also in an EXCUSIVITY setting, meaning NO other partner gets your leads. Therefore, it’s in our best interest to generate the highest quality of leads to continue our relation.

Partner’s sales team handles the calls; answer questions and follow up to convert these leads into customers, translating into sales revenue for your business.
Q: If I find that my closing rate is weak, do you still charge me for leads we did not close?

A: It’s hard for us to guarantee that you will close every lead since we don’t know your sales team skills. However, we allow certain partner a scrubbing rate that is determined on individual basis. But we will help you in every area we can to turn things around positively.

Q: Do you send me any analytics data?

A: You get weekly detailed leads Analytics reports.

Q: How do I update my profile, company or payment information?

A: Your account manager will perform all updates for you, all you have to do is ask.

Q: I still need more information… Who do I contact?

A:  You can contact our Support Team by submitting a ticket here, we strive to respond within 2 hours but sometimes it takes up to 48 hours.